The Top 11 Bearded Dragon Accessories You NEED!

You ever notice when you get into a hobby you eventually make your way to the question:

“What accessories are available?”

No different with your small critters. 

Let’s check out 11 Bearded Dragon Accessories that you should be considering.

Bearded Dragon Accessories List

Before we jump into the accessory list, I want to make one note.

Make sure you have a properly sized bearded dragon enclosure and the correct lighting setup.

This is crucial to the health of your bearded dragon and you want to make sure that your beardie lives a long and healthy life.

Okay, rant over – Let’s get on with the show.

Beardie Hammocks

The gold standard lizard lounger. These hammocks use multiple suction cups that stick against the inside of your tank and they come in multiple sizes.

For a baby bearded dragon, you can layer them front to back on the cage to give them a fun area to climb around.

While these can be used for a basking spot, I tend to prefer grapewood branches as the beardie can move up or down it to regulate their temperature better.

bearded dragon hammock

Infrared Thermometer Gun

This item is one of the most important bearded dragon accessories that you need! A thermometer gun serves a couple of purposes:

  • Checking the thermal gradient
  • Checking the basking spot temperature

These are more accurate than the thermometer/hygrometer combos that you use on both sides of the tank.

thermometer gun for reptile habitat

Leash and Harness

There are quite a few different bearded dragon leashes available. 

A leash gives your bearded dragon the opportunity to go outside and sunbathe for a bit.

Some look like a pretty standard leash while others will have wings so your beardie can look like a much more friendlier version of Drogon from Game of Thrones 🙂

bearded dragon leash

Freeze Dried Food and Treats

Your go to will always be fresh vegetables, leafy greens and live food (roaches and crickets as a staple – Superworms and hornworms as a treat) when feeding your bearded dragon.

With that said, it’s good to have some dry food available in case you can’t make it out to grab live feeders or fresh greens.

They also make tasty treats for your bearded dragon.

bearded dragon adult buffet formula blend

Live Feeder Food

When keeping your live feed, you want to be able to gutload them. Gutloading basically means to feed the insect at least 24 hours before feeding them to your bearded dragon.

Now, you could do this with a piece of fruit, but the premade food is convenient and you don’t have to worry about it going bad as quickly.

We also recommend water crystals. You can buy a bag of it on Amazon or find small cups available at your local reptile store (usually around $1 a cup).

cricket and dubia roach food

Feeding Tongs

So, we are fans of dubia roaches. They don’t stink, they don’t make noise and they can’t climb around.

In the beginning, you may also not want to pick them up with your hands (you can actually develop an allergy if you handle them often without gloves).

That’s where the tongs come into play. A good set of tongs can be useful for a couple of reasons:

  • To not have to touch the dubias
  • If your beardie has bad eyesight and can’t catch them on their own
  • If you have a lazy beardie
  • If your beardie is bouncing back from some type of health issue, you can feed them greens and vegetables with the tongs

If you feed them crickets, usually you have a small piece of egg crate in the cricket habitat. You can just grab that and shake it into the cage rather than using tongs.

Ever try to grab a cricket with tongs? Yeah, no fun.

feeding tongs

Rep-Cal Vitamin Supplements

We love this brand and you should too!

Make sure you have both the Multivitamin and the calcium supplements on-hand so you can regularly dust your feed.

rep-cal herptivite vitamins

Exo Terra Faunarium

Kritter keepers, or even a cheap sterilite tub with ventilation holes poked out, are great to have on hand.

A couple of reasons you would need this:

  • Bringing your bearded dragon to the vet.
  • Having a safe place for your bearded dragon when you are breaking down the cage for a full cleaning.

exo terra kritter keeper

Bearded Dragon Bed

LOL, why not? I thought I would include these as they are pretty cool.

They are known as a chaise lounge. An extravagant piece of furniture for a royal beardie.

Apparently you can use these as a basking area as well.

bearded dragon bed

Bearded Dragon T-Shirts

You need to grab at least one of these to represent your favorite reptile.

Look around eBay, Etsy or CafePress for some cool ideas.

You could even take it a step further and have a picture of your beardie printed on a shirt.

Now that’s what I call love 🙂

bearded dragon shirt

Bearded Dragon Signage

As your infatuation builds with your bearded dragons, you may want to grab some cool signage to put around the house or in your reptile room.

bearded dragon sign


And there you have it. The best bearded dragon accessories that money can buy!

While some of these supplies are mandatory (thermo gun and vitamin supplements come to mind), you can go the extra mile and spoil your bearded dragon (and yourself).

So grab the chaise lounge so your bearded dragon can hang out with you while you sit on your couch with your bearded dragon shirt watching a movie.

Have any other cool ideas for bearded dragon accessories? Have any questions? Comment below. Talk soon!

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