Bearded Dragon Shedding

Bearded Dragon Shedding Tips

Now, this is urgent but you must know what to do when your bearded dragon is shedding. And that is, absolutely nothing!

I’ll give you a few tips to aid the process, but for the most part just let your beardie handle its own.

The shedding (or molting) process is an exciting time for a bearded dragon owner. It means your baby is growing and once the shed is off the coloring will be at its peak amazingness!

bearded dragon shedding

How Often Do Bearded Dragons Shed and For How Long?

A baby bearded dragon is going to shed more often than an adult. Something to the tune of every 4-8 weeks as a baby versus once or twice a year as an adult. It all depends on how quickly they grow.

A shed can last from a day or two to a couple of weeks. The average amount of time it takes to remove all shed is around 3-5 days. In some cases, there are bearded dragons that are always shedding some part of their body, it’s just not that common.

Bearded Dragon Shedding Signs and Behavior

A shedding bearded dragon may have a lower appetite or lose it altogether. The beardie will also appear dull in color before shedding its skin.

A bearded dragon will shed in multiple patches unlike some reptiles like a snake that shed all in one go. You will notice your dragon rubbing its body and head against the tank decor to knock some of the shed off.

What You Can Do to Help a Bearded Dragon During the Shedding Process?

First, what not to do. And that is pick the skin off with your fingers. Picking the loose skin can cause a tear in the dragons skin leaving it prone to infection.

When it comes to aiding your bearded dragon during the shedding process, focus on keeping him or her hydrated. Couple options here (please always use a water conditioner like ReptiSafe):

Frequent Misting – You can mist your bearded dragon to allow the loose skin to be more easily rubbed off (by your dragon). Frequent misting will also allow more opportunities for hydration. I just use a regular spray bottle and give a couple of sprays a few times a day.

Baths – Bathing your bearded dragon should already be part of the weekly routine, but during the shedding process you can increase the frequency of the baths, especially if you notice some stuck shed. While allowing them to hang out in the water, use your hands to scoop up water and pour on their back or wherever any stuck shed might be. Water should be 92-95 degree F and no deeper than half your dragon’s height.

A healthy bearded dragon will shed without much issue. Always remember to keep your husbandry up to code and clean up the shed pieces when you see them.

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